Thank you to all our customers and relationships

The year has flown by and with more than two weeks to go, the holiday season will soon begin.

Looking back on 2019, this was an eventful year for Wiejelo Equipment in which the relocation to our new building was central. Moving to this new location has shown that we can serve our clients even better. Not only because of our larger stocks and suitable training and demonstration area, but also for installing our systems on vehicles and machines that we can carry out in our own in-house workshop.

In addition to the relocation, the organization has again experienced strong growth. This growth was reflected in the expansion of our assortment, the variety of (new) projects, the increasing number of (pre) assembly under our own supervision and new employees who have been added to the team.

We are aware that we owe this growth to our clients and relations. With this letter and handy desk calendar for 2020, we want to thank you very much for our cooperation this year.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020. Also, in the new year we look forward to a pleasant continuation of our cooperation.


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