Automatic lubrication systems Wind Energy

Wiejelo Equipment has extensive experience with automatic lubrication systems in wind turbines which have to be almost continuously deployed with a considerable load.

Wind turbines are sited in remote locations and are often difficult to access. The automatic lubrication systems that we supply for wind turbines are maintenance-friendly.

An automatic lubrication system ensures that bearings are lubricated during operating which means they will have a longer life. With the correct lubricant and dosage, the lubricant forms a seal on the outside of the bearings, preventing the intrusion of dust and dirt.

Apart from that, having an automatic lubrication system in the wind turbine prevents the loss of energy production.

Apart from the installation of the lubrication systems in the wind turbines, Wiejelo Equipment offers the option to remotely monitor or connect the systems to the monitoring system (GMS module) of the wind turbine.

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