Automatic lubrication systems Mining

Wiejelo Equipment specialises in the design and installation of automatic lubrication systems for the mining industry.

Mining equipment operates day and night, seven days per week. Because of intensive use, the equipment is heavily burdened and has to endure a lot. Equipment downtimes result in high costs and must be prevented.

An automatic lubrication system ensures that bearings are lubricated during operating which means they will have a longer life. With the correct lubricant and dosage, the lubricant forms a seal on the outside of the bearings, preventing the intrusion of dust, dirt and sand.

We know how to match the right system to every piece of mining equipment, resulting in as few downtimes as possible.

We are active in mining areas in Indonesia, Australia and Africa, among others, and have a service network with worldwide coverage at our disposal.
Local distributors are trained by Wiejelo Equipment, in order to independently carry out the maintenance of the equipment.

For more extensive information about the functioning and application of our lubrication systems for Mining, please feel free to contact us on +31 (0)85-8785691 or by email:


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