Automatic lubrication systems

Wiejelo Equipment has over 30 years of international experience in the field of automatic lubrication systems.

An automatic lubrication system ensures that bearings are lubricated during operating which means they will have a longer life. With the correct lubricant and dosage, the lubricant forms a seal on the outside of the bearings, preventing the intrusion of dust, dirt and sand. Apart from that, an automatic lubrication system installed on the equipment avoids downtime, which means less time loss and less additional costs.

Annually, we supply thousands lubrication systems to manufacturers, distributors and end users in various market segments. Our team consists of experienced employees who have gained dozens of years of experience with various manufacturers in this sector.

We have a world-wide service network at our disposal. Local distributors are trained by Wiejelo Equipment to maintain installations and to carry out maintenance on the systems independently.

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