Automatic fire suppression systems Wind Energy

Wiejelo Equipment has extensive experience with fire suppression systems in wind turbines which are required to be almost continuously deployed with a considerable load.

Common fire risks in wind turbines are short circuits, overheating, overloading and lightning strikes. When a fire starts in a wind turbine, the risks are enormous. Not only for safety, but also for the environment. These could include burning parts which can be blown over hundreds of yards. Apart from that, wind turbines are insured, but the loss of energy production isn’t. Rebuilding a wind turbine takes a lot of time with, as already mentioned, a prolonged loss of the energy production, and therefore no income.

By installing an automatic fire suppression installation in wind turbines, we offer the best protection for your staff, stock and environment. The mechanical functioning of the automatic fire suppression system ensures that the fire can be detected 24/7 and suppressed within a few seconds.


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