Automatic fire suppression systems EX / III vehicles

Additional safety requirements regarding EX / III vehicles

EX / III vehicles shall be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment.

Safety and the environment are the two most important considerations behind all decisions we make. Protecting all relevant equipment against fire is becoming increasingly relevant. The consequences of accidents in combination with fire are often catastrophic. The result can be loss of life, property and valuable equipment.

In a vehicle the engine, hydraulics, fuel and electrical installations are the biggest fire risks. With the high availability of fuel, fires often develop and expand very quickly, making them difficult to extinguish with hand extinguishers.

Wiejelo Equipment AS offers automatic fire extinguishing systems for ADR and explosive transport cars. The systems feature a number of options to customize a solution based  on the environment, value of equipment and how critical a fire will be to people, environment and vehicle. Most commonly we provide Reacton’s automatic extinguishing system using Furex ABC 770 powder.
The powder’s effectiveness is well documented by several independent testing authorities and has a very good extinguishing effect and is environmentally friendly. The powder can be washed away with clean water and has no harmful effects on the machine or the environment.

Reacton is based in the UK and has over 30 years of experience in production of fire extinguishing systems for vehicles. The Reacton extinguishing system is designed according to several international and national guidelines including: SPCR183, R107 and FM. This ensures the fire extinguishing system will be reliable and will function in the most demanding conditions and climates.

Reacton holds the following approvals:

o FPA (Fire Protection Association) Member – Membership Number: 00031534
o F.I.A (Fire Industry Association) Member – Membership Number: 1192
o F.I.A – F-Gas Certified – Certificate Number: F-0156-GB
o Made In Britain Member – Member 1225
o P.E.D (Pressure Equipment Directive) 2014/68 / EU: Module D1 – Can apply the CE mark (CE0086)
o BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 (FS664767)
o UNECE Regulation R107 Compliant – Approval Certification No: E5 107R-06008

The Reacton fire extinguishing system is activated automatically when a fire is detected and extinguishes the fire quickly and efficiently. The system is designed and tested to work optimally in the most difficult conditions and in harsh environments, with approvals for operation down to -40 ° C. ~The systems are also flexible to accommodate most equipment sizes, with agent containers sizes ranging from 2 to 99 litres.

Wiejelo Equipment AS has experienced mechanics trained in the installation and service of Reacton and other extinguishing systems for ADR and explosive cars.

We are a leading agent in automatic extinguishing systems for ADR and explosive vehicles. Wiejelo is very committed to making continual improvements in the field of security and the environment.

Contact us and we will help you choose the right customized solution for your needs.