Automatic fire suppression systems Bus & Coach

Increasingly strict emission requirements (EURO6, CNG) which cause engines to reach a much higher temperature, better isolation and filled-up engine spaces have significantly increased the risk of fire in the engine compartment. This increased risk is also apparent from the growing number of authorities and insurance companies who have made an automatic fire suppression system compulsory in buses and coaches.

The correct automatic fire suppression system detects and suppresses an incipient fire with in a few seconds. The fully automatic functioning of the fire suppression systems which Wiejelo offers for buses, has provide to be the most reliable solution. Due to the mechanical functioning, the system protects the vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By installing an effective automatic fire suppression system in your bus or coach you not only increase the safety of your passengers, but also the safety of the surroundings. Moreover, in the case of fire you do not lose capacity.

All our systems comply with the latest standards and most stringent requirements such as the R107.

Wiejelo Equipment now supplies various bus manufacturers in Europe. In addition to supplying the fire suppression systems, we also take care of installation training, design, after-sales support and much more.

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